Super Hi-5

DID YOU KNOW that our Super Hi-5 blend is named after the bet that can be made on the first five horses to win a race?

The Super Hi-5 blend is made from bean from 5 different origins.

If you had placed a winning Super Hi-5 bet on the Kentucky Derby in 2022, you would have won $741,018.90 for a $1 bet!

DID YOU KNOW that Our Super Hi-5 blend is a “Full City” roast. Each batch that is roasted is measured with a spectrophotometer.

Using a spectrophotometer to measure the color of our beans allows our roaster to achieve consistency in our roasts.

A Full City roast is considered a medium dark roast and falls between a 45 and 55 on the color scale.

Our most recent batch was a 48.6 on the color scale.

DID YOU KNOW that the label for our coffee was inspired by the betting slips you get at the track?

Next time you look at one of our bags, check out the 11 columns of rectangles at the bottom that help you know you have placed a winning bet!

DID YOU KNOW that our logo and brand colors were inspired by traditional jockey silk color combinations?

Next time you are at the track, pay attention to the jockey silks and you will likely see a green and yellow combination!